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Zoology models are made from deconstructed skeletal parts or articulately cast reproductions of whole organisms. With precise anatomical details and life-sized proportions, these replicas are great additions to classrooms learning animals both on the structural and organic levels. Zoology Models Manufacturers, Zoology Models Exporters in India, Zoology Models Suppliers, Zoology Models Manufacturers in India, Zoology Models Suppliers in India

Amoeba Model

Product Code : EL-ZM-10480

Approx. 1000 times enlarged.

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DNA Model

Product Code : EL-ZM-10481

Model showing segment of D.N.A. molecule mechanism.

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Star Fish Model

Product Code : EL-ZM-10482

With key-card.

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Fish Anatomy Model

Product Code : EL-ZM-10483

Complete with wax.

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Pigeon Dissection Model

Product Code : EL-ZM-10484

Showing general dissection of a pigeon.

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Chicken Dissection Model

Product Code : EL-ZM-10485

Mounted on base.

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Frog Dissection Model

Product Code : EL-ZM-10486

Ideal introduction for study of vertebrates.

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Cockroach Dissection Model

Product Code : EL-ZM-10487

A general dissection mode.

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Bilhariza Male - Female Model

Product Code : EL-ZM-10488

Mounted on board with key-card.

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Paramecium Model

Product Code : EL-ZM-10489

With key card.

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Animal Cell Model

Product Code : EL-ZM-10490

Enlarged 20000 times.

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Rat Dissection Model

Product Code : EL-ZM-10491

3x life size.

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Hen Anatomy Model

Product Code : EL-ZM-10492

Life-size model.

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Shark Fish Anatomy Model

Product Code : EL-ZM-10493

With key card.

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Earthworm Anatomical Model

Product Code : EL-ZM-10494

Demonstrates the whole structure of earthworm.

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