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The pressure is displayed on a bourdon gauge, which has a transparent back, allowing students to see the internal workings. 
The reservoir has a needle valve to control pressure, and a high-quality tyre-type valve for attaching the supplied pump.
Air does not escape when the pressure is increased, until the needle valve is opened.
A much improved version of the Boyle’s Law Apparatus, which is reliable and easy to use. 
The apparatus comprises a reservoir with a bourdon gauge, connected to a vertical glass tube.
Pressures of up to 3.5x atmospheric pressure can be measured, which provides a good range of measurements.
The tube is of strong construction, and is further protected by a plastic safety screen. 
It has graduations so that the length of the air column can be measured, and is of uniform cross-section, so the volume of air is proportional to the length of the air column.
The water is pumped into the tube, and the pressure and volume of air is measured at regular intervals. 
The inverse relationship between pressure and volume at constant temperature is easily observed.
Unlike traditional Boyle’s Law apparatus, this unit has no rustable materials, so water can be used instead of oil, which offers superior results, as well as reduced hazard and mess.


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